How Does Your Consulting Experience Manifest in the Training Environment?

Synergy Between Consulting and Training Today’s topic question is my personal favourite: “How does my consulting experience manifest in the training environment?” For me, this is a subject that unearths the core of what effective training should be, and I’m excited to delve into it.  📚 Twin Pillars: Consulting and Training When I’m consulting and […]

What is the Single Most Valuable Outcome a Consulting Engagement Can Produce?

Exploring the Apex of Consulting Engagements: Unlocking Systemic Change In my recent ponderings, I found myself entrenched in an intricate query. At first glance, this question seems almost elusive: “What is the single most valuable outcome that a consulting engagement can produce?” As I thought more about this, I realised that the answer might not […]

What Does the Assessment Phase of a Consulting Engagement Look and Feel Like?

The Reality of the Assessment Phase in a Consulting Engagement So, as a Scrum Master, I often find myself grappling with an intriguing question – what does the assessment phase of a consulting engagement look like?” Come along with me as we explore the facets of this initial consulting stage and why it might not […]