Deploy from Visual Studio 2012 to iOS, Windows Phone, Android and Windows

Today I saw a demonstration by ITR Mobility of their line of business application support for having one code base, written in C# that can be deployed to practically any platform you like. Does that should like it would be of use to you? Coz it sure as hell sounds like I could use it. […]

Woops I installed Windows 8 instead of Windows 8 Pro!

Microsoft Windows

After installing Windows 8 I tried to do a couple of things that I normally do to set up my computer. I went to enable “Remote Desktop”… but there was no options. Hmm… I wanted to make a change to the “Local Security Settings…”. Hmmm… Both of these things were missing and I started to […]

Windows 8 Issue: Local network is detected as public

When you are running hyper-v you get the option to create private virtual switches to compartmentalise your network coms. if however you are using Windows 8 it may define those networks as “Public Networks” and tighten up your security so much that you cant communicate with other computers. Figure: Other networks detected as Public when […]

Green to Orange–Joining the VSIP team as a Technical Product Manager

No I am not leaving Northwest Cadence. No I am not going to work at Microsoft… well I am, kind of. I have just started an engagement that will see me working as a Technical Product Manager as part of the Visual Studio Industry Partner Program. Visual Studio Industry Partner Directory Visual Studio Industry Partner […]