Past Events

NDC Oslo 2015: Avoid the Bug as Task anti-pattern

22 June 2015 | @11:00

Many project managers force teams to treat Bugs as a task. Come and see what Martin believes that this is an anti-pattern, and what organisational dysfunctions create it. Delve into ways to combat its existence and how to make sure that a bug is always …

ALM Forum 2015: Big Scrum: All You Need and It’s Not Enough

18 May 2015 | @TBA

The proliferation of scaling frameworks shows there are real challenges in scaling agility, and the solutions don’t seem to involve inventing yet more frameworks or formal processes. So then, why is it so hard to find success in agility at scale? Large …

NDC London 2014: Why TFS no longer sucks, and VSO is awesome

20 August 2014 | @12:00

You may have looked at Team Foundation Server before and if it was before 2012 then you should have another look. It is not the same product it used to be. Come and see Martin do an end to end walk through from Ideation through Coding, Testing and Rele … Teams without Boundaries

16 February 2013 | @10:45

Beyond Agile: Who is

23 May 2012 | @19:00 PST

BeyondAgile is a Puget Sound Area Agile Users’ Group that attracts people who use or are interested in using Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean, and other Agile methods and practices, presenting informative and compelling programs on Agile topics

Silverlight Code Camp: The Whole Candy Store

30 January 2010 | @10:00 EDT