Every company deserves high quality working software that delivers customer value.

We believe that every company deserves high quality software delivered on a regular cadence that meets its customers needs. We use DevOps & Agile practices to make sure that your development team can achieve it.

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  • DevOps & Engineering with Visual Studio & Azure

    The only foundation for successful working software delivered on a regular cadence are teams focused on engineering excellence and integrating the latest automation from the ALM and DevOps stack.

  • Agility & Product Development with Professional Scrum

    The only foundation for scaling agile is to start with Professional Scrum Teams. Teams should not just talk the talk, but embody the values and principals that underpin the very essence of the business agility that you want. Deliver twice the features in half the time with Professional Scrum.

  • Mapping your Windows Special Folders to OneDrive for Business – Ultimate Backup

    Do you want to save a file it should be instantly replicated to all your PC’s, and the cloud. What about file history and an infinite recycle bin! That will survive a nuclear strike, or a cup of coffee!

  • Moving OneDrive for Business files to a different drive

    I recent ran into a problem where my OneDrive files were taking up too much space on my main drive and preventing Windows 10 updates on the Insider Program. This works for both OneDrive consumer application and the new OnDrive for Business beta application. Many moons ago I had partitioned my drive so that I […]

  • Agile in Africa 2016

    Last year I attended Agile In Africa, an event that I would list as the most fun event I have ever attended.

  • Branch Policies for TFVC

    Have you looked enviously at the Branch Policy feature for Git in TFS or VSTS? Are you stuck on TFVC? How would you implement Branch Policies on TFVC? Find out…

  • Professional Scrum Courses for 2016 in Oslo, Norway

    To implement good DevOps strategies you need to get planning and organisation out of the way of people so that they can focus on delivering value. The value of Scrum is cutting through the chaos and reducing the risk, side effects are better quality and more features delivered.

  • Access denied for orchestration plan on Build

    If you get a “Access denied: Project Collection Build Service does not have write permissions for orchestration plan” message then you may have run into a TFS 2015 RTM bug.

  • The High of Release

    Just a week or so ago I was at Microsoft Future Decoded event in London to talk about the new Release Management tools that will be made available at Connect() and that might make it in to TFS 2015 Update 2. Here is hoping! The focus of the track was on DevOps and the focus of […]

  • Big Scrum: All you need and not enough

    Once you have Professional Scrum Teams you can focus on enhancing the communication lines that are a necessity of Scaling Software Delivery. Nexus is a framework for using Scrum to scale Scrum from Scrum.org and Ken Schwaber.

  • Big Scrum: Are you doing mechanical Scrum

    Are you doing mechanical Scrum? Also called flaccid Scrum, amateur Scrum, or by-the-book Scrum; all are equally ineffective. If you are not able to ship twice the features in half the time that you used to, then you are probably doing mechanical Scrum.

  • How to rename a Team Project in TFS 2015

    TAG:Ever since TFS 2005 shipped we have been asking ourselves why, oh, why, can’t we rename a Team Project. As each version of the product shipped we hoped beyond hope that this would change and we would get rid of those ugly code names, or that old corporate identity that no longer exists.